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Electrostatic Powder Painting – Electrofer 4 Electrostatic Powder Painting |

Electrostatic Powder Painting

This process consists of applying a protective/decorative organic layer by projecting against the surface to be coated a powdered polymer electrostatically charged with a charge of 10000-25000 volts.

The part to be coated must be bound to earth so that the powder will adhere to the surface by electrostatic attraction.

Then the painted parts will go through an oven at 160-200 ° C where the powder deposited will fuse as its spread over the surface and re-polymerized to a solid state.

Thus a thickness of paint can be obtained in a way that other processes can only obtained at the expense of multiple coats.

Another advantage of this process is allowing for more than 90{e12ae44b38012e2e8247059294be2d7fed20f222c8064edcdb6b347271d90d43} of the paint product that has not adhered to the piece to be recovered by a process of separation/filtration and be used again. This feature allows a ratio of product applied and wasted product greater than 95{e12ae44b38012e2e8247059294be2d7fed20f222c8064edcdb6b347271d90d43} while other painting processes hardly exceed 30{e12ae44b38012e2e8247059294be2d7fed20f222c8064edcdb6b347271d90d43} -40{e12ae44b38012e2e8247059294be2d7fed20f222c8064edcdb6b347271d90d43}, with obvious resulting economic benefits.

Electrofer 4 applies through this process of painting a very high layer of Polyethylene (200-400 microns), Epoxy (60-70 microns) and Epoxy and Polyester (60-80 microns).