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Passivations – Electrofer 4 Passivations |


After the deposition of the Zinc, Zinc/Nickel or Zinc/Iron layer one must proceed to it’s passivation.
This is a chemical conversion treatment which aims to delay the onset of oxidation of the deposited metal and thereby increase the corrosion protection afforded by the treatment by delaying the appearance of unsightly stains of Zinc Oxide.

Electrofer 4 uses Passivation solutions that are exclusively free of Hexavalent Chromium on its composition or in the passivation layer formed on the part.

Electrofer 4 produces all types of passivations currently requested by the automotive industry, Transparent, thick Iridescent or Black.

The passivations may confer resistance to White Corrosion in Salt Spray test that can go from 40/50 hours in the case of Transparent Passivations over Zinc up to 100/130 hours in the case of Thick Iridescent Passivations over Zinc/Nickel.