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Zinc/Iron – Electrofer 4 Zinc/Iron |


The process of electrodeposition of Zinc /Iron alloy is absolutely similar to the Zinc application by alkaline process. 

The deposited alloy has a very low Iron content, between 0.2{e12ae44b38012e2e8247059294be2d7fed20f222c8064edcdb6b347271d90d43} and 0.6{e12ae44b38012e2e8247059294be2d7fed20f222c8064edcdb6b347271d90d43}, so that, in fact, any alkaline zinc bath of some age with an Iron contamination is depositing a Zinc / Iron alloy instead of pure Zinc. 

This means that it is quite natural to assume that, probably, most of the parts which are thought to be produced with pure Zinc coating are actually, and without any harmful consequences quite contrary, being produced with the Zinc/Iron alloy coating.

The Zinc/Iron alloy coating has two main advantages over pure Zinc coatings. On one hand, greater corrosion resistance, though inferior to the Zinc/Nickel alloys, on the other hand, it allows for Black Passivation finishes having a deeper and more homogeneous colouring.