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Electrofer 4 SA is a key European player in Functional Surface’s Treatments and Corrosion Protection for Automotive Industry’s components.

Over 20 years of experience using the most advanced technological solutions, betting intensively on the development of processes and permanent continuous improvement has allow us to meet, with total satisfaction, all requirements and specifications of our customers, even the most demanding.




Having our very own excelling know-how, the intensive investment in the most modern and functional production equipment and constant optimization of production processes together with the excellence in treatments carried out, allows us an incomparable competitiveness in this activity.

Electrofer 4 SA is a certified ISO/TS16949 and ISO9001 company and dominates the majority of institutional, OEMs and top Tier 1 treatments’ standards.

All of our processes use the latest environmentally friendly technologies, allowing us to meet and exceed the most demanding environmental legislation.


Electrofer 4 SA can collaborate with the client in carrying out their product FMEA to ensure that issues relating to the surface’s treatment are resolved to obtain the best performance against corrosion at the lowest price.

Our service may extend beyond the surface’s treatment and may include operations like special packaging, small manufacturing operations which must be undertaken after treatment and logistics management of parts so that they can be shipped to the final destination without having to go through the customer’s premises, allowing an important logistic savings.