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Products and Services

We provide a wide range of processes of Surface’s Treatment and Corrosion Protection ranging from Zinc Plating and its alloys of Zinc/Nickel and Zinc/Iron Plating, to all kinds of Passivations free of Hexavalent Chromium, Reactive Sealings with or without Nanoparticles, Top Coats with or without Coefficient of Friction Reduction agents, Anodizing and Electrolytic Polishing of Aluminum Alloys, Hot or Cold Nickel salts Cloggings, Phosphating with or without Oil Coating, Electrostatic Powder Painting, Painting Magni 600 series, Electroless Nickel, Degreasing and special Washes.

We assist our clients in defining the most appropriate surface treatment to meet the component’s functional needs and to obtain a solution that will allow for the best cost/performance ratio.

We assist our customers in the design of their parts to avoid geometries that compromise the treatment or that make it too expensive.

In Electrofer 4 for each part we develop a tailor made production process so we are able to obtain the best quality and lowest cost.

We are always available to, along with the treatment process, introduce other operations that could prove to be advantageous in the client’s point of view, reducing costs in the logistics process of their parts.

These operations can be final Packaging, quality inspections, small manufacturing operations to be carried out before or after the treatment or the logistics management for delivery to the final customer.

At the present Electrofer 4 have a production capacity over 2 million square meters of surface treated by year.

Our processes meet, totally or partially the following surface treatment norms: