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The Surface Treatments sector is, simply because it is a chemical handling industry, an activity that involves high environmental risks, and for this reason (and history of a majority of companies operating without the appropriate criteria), an activity of negative environmental reputation.

However, just by the use of correct techniques of planning and environmental control along with the correct conscience and conviction, for this type of plant to be not only environmentally innocuous but even helping improve the surrounding environment.

In our facilities we pride ourselves on exemplary environmental behavior.

All our equipments are connected to Waste Disposal Stations, functioning by Batch System.

The treated effluent could only be released to the sewer after confirmation of the correct and full decontamination.

The decontamination of the effluents is made using the most update technology. We are already using the state-of-the-art technology of Electro-coagulation. All our plants are equipped with Electro-coagulate electrolytic formulators. 

All effluent parameters are verified in triple redundancy cycle, avoid any possibility of anomaly caused by probes decalibration.

In all our plants we have effluents storing capacity enough to contain the total effluent produced in 48 hours of full productive activity. That way, we ensure production continuity even in case of maintenance or repair in the Waste Disposal Station.

All our plants are equipped with Gas Washing Towers, one by type of gas emission, where all the gas emissions caught by the extraction system on every chemical position are going to be completely decontaminated.

On the plants where organic solvents are used we are using Solvent Incinerator to granted zero VOC emissions level. 

All the inter-operations rinses are double or triple Cascade System, reducing the water consumption in more than 70{e12ae44b38012e2e8247059294be2d7fed20f222c8064edcdb6b347271d90d43} comparing with the normal consumption of similar size production plant. 

Electrofer 4 is a completely Cadmium, Lead and Chromium 6+ free company.

We are deeply committed with the REACH legislation and we follow closely the REACH implementation in our suppliers.

All our production units are equipped with Electronic-Switching Current Rectifiers to save more than 60{e12ae44b38012e2e8247059294be2d7fed20f222c8064edcdb6b347271d90d43} of power consumption.

All our bath’s Heating Systems are fed by Steam Boiler, avoiding electrical heaters.

Our plant lighting systems are equipped with automatic modulation to adjust always the intensity of light to the natural light available.

With all this systems in the last 4 years we had reduced our power consumption in more than 40{e12ae44b38012e2e8247059294be2d7fed20f222c8064edcdb6b347271d90d43}, even with a increase of 45{e12ae44b38012e2e8247059294be2d7fed20f222c8064edcdb6b347271d90d43} of our production in the same period.